Our creative studio helps companies and brands to refine, strengthen and communicate their messages – internally and externally, locally and globally. We create bold communication concepts and engaging content, firmly founded in strategy, analysis and journalistic insights. We work closely with our customers in tight, dedicated teams´ throughout the whole process. Just like when we create our own products.


Strategy and analysis

Being involved with ICON Magazine generates a flow of information and insights and a global network of contacts that is wholly unique to ICON Brands. Target group analysis, strategy and brand positioning are about understanding your environment and interpreting your contemporary world – something we work with every single day from the communications and journalism perspectives.

Ideas and content

Strong ideas and engaging content are at the heart of our business – regardless of the platform. It’s the message and the target group that guide when, where, and how a story is told. We know that value-adding content has the ability to move mountains – if it’s done with high quality, plenty of reflection, and in the right context.


Design and art direction

Visual expression is a pillar of all communications – a tool to communicate your message, your identity, and your values. ICON Brands works with art direction and design and manages productions from concept to finished product.

Lectures and workshops

Sometimes you need some inspiration. Or a pair of critical eyes. Founders of ICON Brands Joel Persson and Peter Smirnakos are regularly engaged as lecturers. Our studio also offers journalistic evaluations, critical analyses, creative workshops, and constructive tools for increasing the quality of your current editorial products and communication concepts.